What We Do


What We Do

Committed to being the best at what we do, we chose to concentrate on one segment, our favourite segment of the market.

We do not install, service or maintain seat lifts, stair lifts, porch lifts, accessibility lifts, dumbwaiters, or commercial elevators. Outfitting single family residences with home elevators is our focus, fixation, and inspiration. Driving our fixation is user safety, specifically child safety. We believe safety should be the top priority in each new installation. Every home elevator we install is both manufactured and installed to meet or exceed all local and national safety codes and regulations, including elevator, building and electrical.

Ridge Elevator Co. continuously strives to create an elevated (pun intended) customer experience. To help facilitate this distinctively positive process, without any unnecessary added confusion, we assume the responsibility for multiple jobsite duties associated with home elevators, that would be traditionally completed by other subtrades.

3-year preventive maintenance agreement included with each new sale* (bi-annual visits).

Code compliant, CSA approved electrical disconnects supplied with each unit.*

Code compliant hallway swing door frames supplied and installed* (not including door slabs).

All doors must adhere to ASME A17.1 -2016/ CSA B44-16, section

Child safe elevator cab gate systems. We do not use accordion gates, scissor gates or light curtains in lieu of a solid structure gates.

Automatic gate operation is standard. To further increase the safety factor and enhance user function, all child safe elevator cab gate systems are equipped with automatic operation.*

Integrated Smooth Ride Technology, using the industry’s only self adjusting valve on hydraulic drive units.

UPS battery backup, and floor specific emergency lowering provided, in the event of a power outage.

Integrated emergency telephone on the elevator COP (control operating panel).

Standard lifting capacity of 950lbs.

3-year limited manufacturers warranty (terms and conditions apply).

* Notes items that are typically additional costs from other home elevator dealers.


Ridge Elevator Co.?

At Ridge Elevator Co., installing custom home elevators really is our passion. Channeling this excitement and working with a select number of equipment suppliers allows us to be both product specialists and authentic craftsman.

We are British Columbia’s exclusive Rocky Mountain Elevator Products dealer. Rocky Mountain Elevator Products has an endless commitment to safety, quality, and innovation, provides their dealers with industry leading products and service. Their goal is to drive industry-wide change by setting a higher level of excellence and always exceeding customer expectations. Standard features on all home elevators supplied by Rocky Mountain Elevator Products and installed by Ridge Elevator Co. include:


We're always looking out for you and your family

Whether you’re looking to renovate your existing residence to include a home elevator or building your dream house, it is crucial that every homeowner be educated on the code requirements to ensure that their home elevator is not only manufactured but also installed to meet all current code and regulation mandates.

Elevators installed in private residences are not currently regulated in British Columbia by any municipal, provincial, or federal authority. The onus is placed on the elevator contractor to ensure that your home elevator has been manufactured and installed in full compliance of all safety codes and regulations. Ridge Elevator Co. recognizes the significance of this responsibility and handles it with the upmost importance.

In April of 2020, Technical Safety BC adopted the ASME A17.1 -2016/ CSA B44-16 Safety Code Elevator and Escalators. Arguably the most noteworthy change affecting home elevators in this code adaptation is reduction in clearance permitted from a closed hallway swing door to the inside of the elevator hoistway (19mm/ 0.75”) and the reduction of clearance permitted from a closed hallway swing door a closed elevator cab gate (100mm/ 4”). The purpose of the reduced clearance is to improve the safety factor of all home elevators, ensuring that no children can be trapped between a closed hallway swing door and a closed elevator cab gate. Ridge Elevator Co. offers solutions and products to ensure that your home elevator is fully compliant with the new code mandated clearances.

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