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Company Overview

Ridge Elevator Co. was established to be a unique alternative in local home elevator marketplace by focusing solely on code compliant, custom home elevators. We are not a large mass production organization or a giant global corporation offering infinite products and services.

Proudly based in Maple Ridge, we are a family owned, and operated business adept in low volume, high impact home elevators. Our factory trained technicians are not only certified Elevator Mechanic’s, registered with Technical Safety BC but also active members of the community.

Ridge Elevator Co. is a factory direct dealer and does not occupy a retail space. Supplying and installing fully code compliant products and equipment, offering more options as standard features, completing more onsite tasks than any other local home elevator contractor and including a 3-year preventative maintenance agreement with each new installation are just some of the ways that we invest in our customers satisfaction. Our business has expanded predominantly through the recommendations of happy clients. Your no pressure, genuinely authentic home elevator experience begins with a click, call, or text message.

The name Ridge Elevator Co. originates directly from our beloved neighbourhood and our company logos combine elevator directional arrows with mountain peaks, paying homage to both the elevator industry and our local landscape.


Ridge Elevator Co.?

At Ridge Elevator Co., home elevators are our obsession.

Ridge Elevator Co. is the realized dream of Jamie Savage. Jamie is a certified Class H Elevator Mechanic, registered with Technical Safety BC. He has been part of the home elevator and accessibility lift industry in British Columbia since 2007, working almost exclusively for one company during this time. Jamie flourished while working in the field as an Elevator Mechanic, installing, servicing, and maintaining home elevators and commercial lifts for many years. As the company rapidly expanded, Jamie moved from the field to the office and applied his knowledge and leadership skills in a managerial setting. Jamie continued to climb the corporate ladder over the course several more years, being an essential part the company’s growth from a small to a large operation.

Always having a desire to provide a better customer experience and supply more than the just a vertically moving box, Jamie pursued his dream of installing custom home elevators. Ridge Elevator Co. was founded with the purpose of restoring the pride, craftsmanship and personalized experience in the local home elevator trade. Jamie works diligently to ensure that Ridge Elevator Co. treats each client as valued customer, not an invoice.


On all home elevators

Standard features on all our home elevators supplied by Rocky Mountain Elevator Products and installed by Ridge Elevator Co. include:

3-year preventive maintenance agreement included with each new sale* (bi-annual visits).
Code compliant, CSA approved electrical disconnects supplied with each unit.*
Code compliant hallway swing door frames supplied and installed* (not including door slabs).

All doors must adhere to ASME A17.1 -2016/ CSA B44-16, section

Child safe elevator cab gate systems. We do not use accordion gates, scissor gates or light curtains in lieu of a solid structure gates.

Automatic gate operation is standard. To further increase the safety factor and enhance user function, all child safe elevator cab gate systems are equipped with automatic operation.*

Integrated Smooth Ride Technology, using the industry’s only self adjusting valve on hydraulic drive units.
UPS battery backup, and floor specific emergency lowering provided, in the event of a power outage.
Integrated emergency telephone on the elevator COP (control operating panel).
Standard lifting capacity of 950lbs.
3-year limited manufacturers warranty (terms and conditions apply).
* Notes items that are typically additional costs from other home elevator dealers.

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