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We install, service and maintain custom, high end, home elevators with a bespoke approach.

Ridge Elevator Co.

is a niche focused, boutique home elevator company.

We are dedicated to delivering bespoke home elevators while offering an exceptional level of customer service. Providing consultation, installation, service and maintenance throughout Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley regions, Ridge Elevator Co. is local, premium home elevator contractor.

Ridge Elevator Co. combines innovated, aesthetically pleasing, safety minded products from leading equipment manufacturers with antiquated values to provide clients with safe, beautiful, tailored home elevators. Offering both hydraulic and electric drive options, as well as the most standard features on our entry level units, Ridge Elevator Co.’s commitment to craftsmanship and safety is unmatched in the local marketplace.

Have an existing home elevator in need of service and or maintenance?

We’ll provide a free on-site assessment on any working or non-working home elevator in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions.


Quality and Safety Are Continuously Met

We ensure that your home elevator has been manufactured and installed in full compliance of all safety codes and regulations.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your existing residence to include a home elevator or building your dream house, it is crucial that every homeowner be educated on the code requirements to ensure that their home elevator is not only manufactured but also installed to meet all current code and regulation mandates.

Ridge Elevator Co. continuously strives to create an elevated (pun intended) customer experience. To help facilitate this distinctively positive process, without any unnecessary added confusion, we assume the responsibility for multiple jobsite duties associated with home elevators, that would be traditionally completed by other subtrades.

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